260 | WaterBorne Industrial Urethane

260 Waterborne Industrial Urethane is a single pack, fast cure aluminum oxide modified urethane. It is a nearly water white clear coating which provides superior chemical and abrasion resistance. It dries and cures very rapidly. 260 is a self-sealing product; however, for interior applications only, it may be
used with a sanding sealer such as 365 Sanding Sealer. In most environments, 260 will dry in under an hour and cure completely in as little as four days.

260 Waterborne Urethane is recommended for use on wood floors, high end millwork, cabinets and furniture.

260 Waterborne Urethane is recommended for exterior applications which require superior UV protection such as custom entry doors. For exterior applications, 260 must be used as both seal coat and topcoat.

Application Method

1. Prep. Sand
180-220 grit Aluminum Oxide Sand paper

2. Stain (Optional)
Apply according to product specifications.

3. Seal
Apply 3-5 wet mils of 260 as a seal coat to the dried stained surface.

4. Sanding
Allow 260 to dry completely, and thoroughly sand with 220-320 grit Aluminum
Oxide Sand paper

5. Topcoat
Apply 3-5 wet mils of 260. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for additional build and

Suggested Use

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