271 | Exterior Furniture Finish

Fuhr 271 has been designed to provide excellent adhesion, chemical resistance and UV resistance to a variety of substrates including wood and concrete. 271 is fortified with Nano-size particles to increase overall durability and greatly enhance its UV resistance for exterior applications. 271 can be used on furniture and millwork, as well as garage floors when excellent properties are a must.

Application Method

Fuhr 271 can be applied with most standard types of spray equipment including AAA, Airless, HVLP, and automated spray systems, as well as other traditional forms of application such as brush and t-bar. This material should be used as both the sealer and topcoat for maximum properties to be developed. 2 coats applied at 2.5-4.5 wet mils (per coat) are required to achieve minimum resistance properties; however additional coats may be applied for aesthetic value. The surface should clean, dry, dust free and prep-sanded to 220 grit utilizing aluminum oxide sandpaper. 320 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper should be used between coats for maximum adhesion.

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