380 | Water Clear Varnish

380 Water Clear Varnish is a 34% solid, self-crosslinking acrylic coating which builds quickly and has great chemical resistance. It is recommended for use on kitchen cabinets, furniture, millwork, case goods and store fixtures. 380 dries quickly and sands easily. It has excellent abrasion resistance and salt spray 

380 may be used as an exterior coating if pigmented. When pigmented, it is an excellent choice for pre-primed metal doors, wood shutters, and exterior furniture. 

380 Water Clear Varnish is an excellent replacement for traditional conversion varnishes. It is a non-flammable, non-hazardous, single pack coating which requires neither catalyst nor solvent. In most applications, it will build more rapidly than solvent based varnishes.

Application Method

1. Prep. Sand
180-220 grit Aluminum Oxide Sand paper 

2. Stain (Optional)
Apply according to product specifications. 

3. Seal
Apply 3-5 wet mils of 380 as a seal coat to the dried stained surface. 

4. Sanding
Allow 380 to dry completely, and thoroughly sand with 220-320 grit Aluminum 
Oxide Sand paper 

5. Topcoat
Apply 3-5 wet mils of 380. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for additional build and 

Suggested Use


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