365 | Water Clear Sanding Sealer

Water Clear Sanding Sealer is a water based acrylic sanding sealer designed for use with 375 Waterborne Pre-Cat Lacquer. 365 dries quickly and sands easily. Typical dry time to touch, in ambient conditions, is 5 minutes; to light handling, 8 minutes; and to sanding, 15 minutes. Dry times can be significantly
reduced with the use of heat and air.

Multiple coats of 365 may be used to help build and seal prior to the application of a topcoat.

Application Method

180-220 grit Aluminum Oxide Sand paper

2. Stain (Optional)
Apply according to product specifications.

3. Seal
Apply 2-4 wet mils of 365 as a seal coat to the dried stained surface.

4. Sanding
Allow 365 to dry completely, and thoroughly sand with 180-220 grit Aluminum
Oxide Sand paper. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for additional build.

5. Topcoat
Apply 3-5 wet mils of Fuhr 375 Pre-Cat Lacquer.

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