9560 | High Solids Off-White Primer

High Solids “Off-White” Primer, 9560 is the primer/under coater of choice. 9560 can be used on all unfinished interior wood surfaces as well as MDF and Hardboard for superior grain filling capabilities. 9560 can seal open cut MDF in One coat. This product can be applied vertically as well as horizontally by brush or spray. 9560 dries very rapidly and sands easily. It contains high solids and very low VOC.

Application Method

1. Prep. Sand
150-220 grit Aluminum Oxide Sand paper

2. Seal
Apply 3-5 wet mils of 9560 primer to unfinished surface using a brush or spray gun.

3. Sand
Sand the primed surface with 180-220 grit Aluminum Oxide Sand paper.

4. Seal(optional)
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for additional build.

5. Topcoat
Apply according to product specifications.

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