Finishing Procedures for Entry Doors

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The following information is a proven procedure for finishing with Fuhr Waterborne Industrial Urethane 260 . Please retain a copy for your files.

*Use an airless spray system with a 4:09 tip *Spray the stain with a gravity feed gun

*Air pressure to the gravity feed gun should be approx. 15 psi with trigger pulled and fluid valve completely open on the back of gun

*Stain all wood surfaces with 165 Universal Wiping Stain base with pigment

*Use 260 Waterborne Industrial Urethane for sealer and topcoats (Do not Stack multiple coats of Low Sheen)

*Always sand door when it is received in the finishing area prior to staining (light sanding to knock off any contaminates)

*Prep. sand rails, styles and panels of the door with an orbital sander or by hand using an aluminum oxide sand paper. Hand sand these sections with 240 paper or foam pad to remove any scratches left by the orbital sander. Sand profiles carefully with 240 paper or pad followed by maroon Scotch Brite pads.

*To apply stain, use lengthwise passes with the gun approximately 4-6 inches from the door. Spray one side of the door completely with the stain then turn off the air to the booth and wipe the stain.

*When wiping the stain, wipe the center panels first then center structure pieces, then stiles and rails

*Turn the door over and repeat the stain process.

*Allow the stain to dry for 1 hour on mahogany, cherry, and maple, and for 2 hours on oak

*If stain sits overnight, lightly sand with scotch bright before applying the sealer coat

*Spray 260 Waterborne Industrial Urethane with the airless gun approximately 6-9 inches from the surface

*Spray 3-5 wet mils on the door for each coat for a 3 coat process (wet to slightly hazy)

*Allow the 260 Waterborne Industrial Urethane to dry approximately 30-45 minutes or until dry to touch before sanding

*Sand with 220-240 grit sand paper or pads between coats. Wipe or blow off surface dust.

*Do not use chemical dust removers such as tack clothes

*If the sealer coat sits overnight before finish coat is applied, sand again right before applying topcoat to promote adhesion.

*Apply as many coats as necessary for the desired finish, 3 coats minimum.

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