123 | Enhanced Flow Additive

Enhanced Flow Additive, 123 is designed for use when the woodworker desires to thin the product for easier flow out. This product will extend the open time slightly, and provide better flow and leveling characteristics in the material. 123 is to be used in the high solids primers and 9100 series products.

Application Method

1. Shake
Shake the container thoroughly before using.

2. Addition
Incorporate up to 5% (6 Oz. per Gallon) into the primer or finish product.

3. Mixing
Do Not Shake, stir product 123 into the primer or finish product for proper incorporation.

4. Specifications
Incorporation of 123 into a primer or coating at maximum dosage levels will result in a change in VOC. This change will add approximately 23 grams per liter total VOC.

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