175 | Sprayable Paste Wood Grain Filler

Sprayable Paste Wood Grain Filler, 175 is a high solids, clear acrylic grain filler supplied in a sprayable viscosity for application by spray or hand. For use on open-grained woods to fill the grain to provide a smooth, un-textured appearance to the final finish once topcoats are applied. Supplied in clear, 175 allows for filling and grain definition without altering the color of the wood. The fast drying
nature of this product allows staining and top-coating in as little as two hours with Fuhr’s finishing systems.

Application Method

1.Prep. Sand
150-220 grit Aluminum Oxide Sand paper

2. Grain Filling
Applied to bare wood by brush or spray and the excess product should be
“removed” off using a rubber or plastic scraper.

3. Sand
Sand the filled surface with 180-220 grit Aluminum Oxide Sand paper leaving
filler in the grain, and the bare wood exposed.

4. Stain(optional)
Apply the stain according to product specifications.

5. Seal and Topcoat
Apply the sealer and/or topcoat according to product specifications.

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