394 | Waterborne Industrial UV

Waterborne Industrial UV 394 is a 38% solids, film-forming coating that requires Ultra Violet light sources to ensure a complete cure. This coating is recommended for interior applications such as kitchen cabinets, furniture, millwork, case goods, store fixtures, and any other flat or slightly molded component that can be cured by UV and requires resistance to scratching and chemicals. 394 dries quickly in a forced environ- ment and sand easily. This product builds quickly and has excellent chemical resistance. Fuhr 394 offers excellent wetting of the wood providing for the ever desired “solvent look” while remaining non-hazardous and low voc.

Suggested Use

Kitchen Cabinets

Application Method

Substrate Preparation: Thoroughly clean the surface of all dirt, grease, oil etc. Surface should be pre-sanded with 180-220 stearate free sandpaper.

Application: This product may be applied with airless, air-assisted airless, HVLP or conventional spray equipment. Use a fluid tip designed for medium viscosity coatings. Product should be applied in light to medium wet coats of 3-5 wet mils. Apply as a sealer coat and allow to dry 15-30 minutes before curing with UV. Typical dry time to touch in ambient conditions is 15 min- utes, light handling in 20 minutes and sanding after UV curing. Sand between coats with 220- 320 stearate free sand paper.

Cleanup: Flush all equipment with water both before and after use.


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