661 | 100% UV Self Seal Topcoat

UV- curable Topcoat for roller application in the industrial finishing process of wood cabinetry. Compared to conventional topcoats, the product shows good resistance to scratching, scrubbing and self-sealing property. Excellent for use on flat-line applications or stick-line applications.

Application Method

Preparation: Stir well and check gloss before use.

Hardener: None

Thinner: Not required

Viscosity: As delivered

Temperature: Ideal application temperature lies at constant 95°-100 °F Film Weight: Apply 2 x 20-25 g/sqm or as required. Mode: Apply in roller machine with a shore hardness of preferably 40-50 (Isobutylen/Isopren- Copolymer or EPDM-Prepolymer) UV-Curing: Semi-Cure: 150 mJ/cm2 (UV-Integrator Kühnast) Full-Cure: > 300 mJ/cm2 (UV-Integrator Kühnast) Substrate: The product is especially formulated as a Self-Seal Topcoat. Please consult our techni- cal staff prior to other applications.


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