105 | Wiping Stain

Wiping Stain, 105 is a heavier bodied stain, yet still has fast drying properties. This product can be used for small to medium sized wood products where a wiping stain is necessary. 105 can be formulated for both interior and exterior applications.

Application Method

1. Prep. Sand
180-220 grit Aluminum Oxide Sand paper

2. Condition (Optional)
Use product 155 clear as a conditioner to minimize blotchiness or uneven stain absorption.

3. Apply Stain
Apply 105 stain until the entire surface is wet.

4. Wipe
Wipe the stained surface with a clean bleached cotton cloth in the direction of the grain to obtain grain clarity.

5. Seal and Glaze (optional)
After the stain has dried completely, apply a sealer and topcoat. For an antique effect, apply Fuhr 195 Glaze after applying a seal coat

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