135 | ZVOC Sap Stain

A Zero VOC interior, water based stain designed for wood color enhancement and decorative effects before sealing and finishing. Used on any wood surface, 135 is a little to no grain raising acrylic stain base developed to work with all of our series of sealers and finishes as well as most other finish products including lacquer and other solvent based finishes. Compatible with pigments and dyes for an unlimited range of colors. Offered in 23 standard stock colors of pigment (good for evening out unmatched woods) and 22 standard stock colors of dye (best available clarity and warm colors) with custom colors matched upon request. Designed as a fast drying spray stain, 135 imparts characteristics of several traditional stain types into one easy to spray Sap Stain. Spray no wipe, or shading application methods used for staining. Typical dry time to seal in ambient conditions is 15 minutes and dry times can be drastically reduced with the use of heat and air movement.

Application Method

Substrate Preparation: Substrate should be pre-sanded with 150-220 grit aluminum ox- ide sandpaper is recommended for best results. Clean surface of all dust with lint free cloth or non-treated tack cloth.

Application: May be applied by spray. Allow 15 minutes in ambient conditions for drying prior to sealer application.

Cleanup: Flush all equipment with water both before and after use of 135. Build-up may be removed with a cleaner solution such as 330 Universal Cleaner & Stripper. Flushing with water is necessary after the use of any cleaning agent to avoid contamination.


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